Louisville Wrestles With Freeway Dilemma

Critic Michael Kimmelman, fresh back from Louisville's Idea Festival, questions why that quickly emerging city wants to double down on a new freeway expansion through its downtown while other progressive cities are tearing theirs down.

Louisville is intent on constructing a new bridge and expanding an existing interstate freeway along its waterfront with the Ohio River. A move that runs counter to the prevailing wisdom of freeway removal and increased mass transit as a means of attracting people and talent to cities.

Michael Kimmelman laments the 1950's era line of thinking that has many of the region's civic leaders, "[p]ursuing a plan that would, in part, enlarge the downtown highways and construct a second bridge next to the Kennedy. It would even eat up some of a park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, of Prospect Park and Central Park fame. Louisville is a car city with auto plants and a big investment in the auto industry... The proposal, so clearly out of step, has been met with grass-roots opposition and is now in the courts, tied up over issues about financing, tolls and the environment."

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Full Story: Does Louisville Need More Highways?




"...a new freeway expansion through it's downtown..."


"...other progressive cities are tearing their's down."


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Louisville Freeway Removal

There is a group working not only to stop the new freeway but also to remove some of the freeways in spaghetti junction, to simplify the interchange and reconnect the city with the waterfront.

See their web site at http://www.8664.org/
The overview presentation (one of the first links on the left) is a good summary of their proposal.

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