Amtrak's $151 Billion High Speed Rail Plan

With the CA state Senate's appropriation of $8 billion toward their $68 billion high speed rail plan, the spotlight turns to the other coast - the Northeast Corridor, with Amtrak's unveiling its updated, $151 billion plan. Both run 220 mph trains.

Dave Warner reports on the updated plan, originally released Sept. 28, 2010 showing a cost of $117 billion over the next 25 years.

Amtrak "predicted that super-fast train trips along the East Coast could be a reality by 2040. Travel times from New York to either Washington or Boston - both about 200 miles in distance - would also be slashed, to 94 minutes, the report said."

"The NEC (Northeast Corridor) region is America's economic powerhouse and is facing a severe crisis with an aging and congested multi-model transportation network that routinely operates at or near capacity in key segments," Amtrak's President Joe Boardman said in a statement.

An old item resurfaces - the canceled ARC tunnels.

It was almost two years ago when NJ Gov. Chris Christie announced that he would cancel the Access to the Region's Core twin-tunnel replacement project under the Hudson River to Manhattan that set off a flurry of reports on topics including paying back the federal government and possible replacement projects.

"Amtrak also said it is essential to the entire Northeast Corridor to build new tunnels connecting New York to New Jersey under the Hudson River. The newer plan would benefit both New Jersey Transit and Amtrak and would use a remodeled Penn Station, said Amtrak spokesman Steve Kulm."

Thanks to The Atlantic Cities

Full Story: Amtrak plans 37-minute train from New York to Philadelphia by 2040


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