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Turning a Traffic Nightmare Into a Transit Dream

In an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times, parking guru Donald Shoup sees the proposed construction of a new football stadium in downtown LA as an opportunity to boost mass transit ridership in the city.

In proposing that Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the developer of a proposed 72,000-seat football stadium to be located in downtown LA, subsidize public transit for ticket holders, Shoup sees a win-win scenario for the developers, ticket holders arriving by car and transit, and the region's transit agency. His proposal could also contribute to achieving a larger goal -- shifting the way people think about mobility in the prototypical auto-oriented city.

"By offering free transit to all ticket holders, AEG can reduce traffic congestion and the cost of building garages. If AEG builds fewer parking spaces, it can use what it saves on construction to pay for the free transit passes that will reduce parking demand. Furthermore, bundling transit passes into ticket prices will also provide a reliable new revenue stream for public transportation. Metro will have the money to increase transit service to Farmers Field because AEG will pay for the added event ridership."

"Including free transit in ticket prices offers obvious benefits to everyone who rides a bus or train to Farmers Field. Reduced traffic congestion and competition for parking spaces will also benefit those who drive to the stadium. And because many spectators drink at games, including transit passes in the ticket prices might even reduce drunk driving on the way home."

Full Story: A win-win scenario for Farmers Field


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