Transferring Issue is 7 Line Extension's Downfall

According to Alon Levy, the 7 line extension from New York City to Secaucus, NJ will get workers "almost to their jobs," but not quite. It may seem trivial, but literature on the penalty of certain transfers may be pointing to failure.

"Within urban rail, people transfer all the time. Perhaps the disutility of getting up while changing trains is not an issue when passengers do not expect to find a seat in the first place. Regional rail riders transfer as well, when the transfers are easy and there's no additional waiting time – in fact, setting up a timed transfer on a highly branched regional line increases the frequency on each branch, so any disutility from transferring is swamped by the more convenient schedule. What people don't normally do is ride a regional line that gets them almost to their job, and then take urban transit for the last mile."

Full Story: Why the 7 to Secaucus Won’t Work


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