BMW Unveils Design Alternatives for BART

A follow-up to last month's story, BMW Group DesignworksUSA released three interior concepts - each one more posh and modern than the last - for BART's "Fleet of the Future." No spy shots needed.

The snazzy upgrade of the nation's oldest fleet by the venerable automaker will include an alphabet soup of amenities and safety features, including the all-digital information display, bike racks, countdown lights for closing doors, handrails, armrests, wipeable seats, a third door on every car, and much more.

Additionally, three color palettes are being considered. "One palette is 'natural' (think browns, greens, neutral); another is 'bay and sky' (think blue, gray and sandy); the third is 'diversity' (think vibrant rainbow colors that pop)," as stated on BART's website.

The Huffington Post reports:

"Concept A, is a classic efficiency design dubbed 'commuter comfort.' Window seats boast headrests, poles include branches for multiple handholds, some cars contain bike racks and digital information displays are at the top of window areas.

Concept B is the 'work and play' design. Cars are airy and open with a lounge-like feel and grouped seating. Like concept A, poles contain tree-like branches.

Finally, Concept C is the 'functional art' design. (Jazzy!) Seats and poles feature wavy S-shaped designs with gymnast-style rings as handrails. Some cars even contain portals so passengers can watch the track and tunnel walls whizzing by."

People can vote for their favorite design and give feedback as BMW is gearing up for the next phase of the project.

Full Story: BART Redesign: Plans For BMW-Designed Fleet Of The Future Revealed (VIDEO)


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