Tea Party Sinks Planning Meeting

Public outreach on SB 375, California's climate change bill, began last month in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the East Bay Tea Party had other plans.

"The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments brought to Concord (Contra Costa County) its traveling roadshow designed to measure public opinion as it begins the two-year process of writing a blueprint for housing, jobs and transportation, called One Bay Area or Plan Bay Area."

Having already presented the public workshops to many of the other eight Bay Area counties, the agencies were well-versed in explaining the various 'growth scenarios' that are the basis for the working groups that is the topic for small group participation by attendees. They were not prepared for the reception they received at the May 7, Concord workshop.

"Vocal critics brought the May event to its knees, prompting one ABAG staffer to mutter, "This is falling apart."

Granted, the outspoken voices came from the conservative East Bay Tea Party, which views the sustainable development movement as an assault on private property rights born out of false assumptions about mankind's impact on the global climate."

The East Bay Tea Party created a video documenting the meeting:

Thanks to One Bay Area News Update

Full Story: One Bay Area workshop takes one on the chin



The TeaPurty Reminds Us.

Interesting video.

Wingnut paranoia aside, interesting comments on how the process was botched, and some of the people interviewed are using talking points as if they were true.



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