Vancouver's Biggest Plan Yet

Vancouver, B.C. is known for its strong commitment to progressive planning, which has resulted in a dense, vibrant downtown. Planning director Brent Toderian explains his city's biggest plan yet.

Erick Villagomez at re:place Magazine interviews Toderian about the Cambie Street Corridor Plan, which stretches through several neighborhoods and is the first time the city's trademark densification has stretched beyond the confines of downtown.

Toderian says that is the "largest and most complex area planning exercise" in the city:

"We've prided ourselves for years in Vancouver, on integrating land use and transportation thinking better than most cities, and I think this Plan takes that to a new level. Beyond that though, this Plan signifies for us a new definition for success - the robust integration of land use, transportation and energy. In particular, district and neighbourhood energy sources and systems that take heating off-the-grid, on top of building and transportation-related energy use considerations."

Full Story: The Cambie Street Corridor and the Future of Vancouver


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