The Extent of South Africa's World Cup Infrastructure

The Infrastructurist points to this infographic that outlines the expenditures and infrastructure projects that were built to accommodate the World Cup, beginning this Friday in South Africa.

The poster looks at how much money has been invested in each of the nine host cities, and what benefits the country can expect to see.

"To date, the South African government has spent $660 million building and renovating 10 separate stadiums, plus $680 million on airport upgrades and $460 million on road and rail improvements (including the high-speed rail network from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Johannesburg International Airport). In addition, 30 additional hotels have been built in Johannesburg alone. Officials in Cape Town built a new electrical substation to ensure that the city's stadium and surrounding areas would receive sufficient power."

Full Story: World Cup Infrastructure: How Sports Can Supercharge a Nation


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