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Guide To Charging For Parking

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute has released this report to guide municipalities to transition from 'free' parking (though author Todd Litman is quick to point out that it is never free) to charging for parking directly.

There are numerous economic and environmental benefits reaped when parking is charged for directly rather than keeping the price free and paying for it indirectly. This guide was written to enable governments to overcome obstacles and accrue the benefits with parking pricing.

From Summary:
"Parking pricing (also called user pay and metered parking) refers to direct charges for using a parking space. Efficient parking pricing can provide numerous benefits including increased turnover and therefore improved user convenience, reduced traffic problems, and increased revenues.

This report provides guidance on parking pricing
implementation. It describes...ways to overcome common
obstacles and objections, and examples of successful parking pricing programs."

From Introduction:
"Parking is never really free, the choice is really between paying directly or indirectly for parking facilities. Underpricing increases the amount of parking needed to meet demand, and tends to increase problems such as traffic congestion, housing inaffordability, sprawl and pollution.

Charging users directly for parking tends to be more efficient and equitable, and generates revenues that can finance new services or reduce taxes and rents..."

Thanks to Todd Alexander Litman

Full Story: Parking Pricing Implementation Guidelines...(PDF)


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