Brazil Approves Controversial Dam

The Brazilian government has approved a new hydroelectric dam in the Amazon. Many locals and environmentalists are fuming.

The dam will create a massive reservoir, which has many locals and environmentalists concerned about the social impacts and damages to the ecosystem. Officials counter that no locals will be displaced.

"According to the Brazilian energy ministry the dam, expected to start production in 2015, will cost around R$20bn (£6.8bn) and will eventually produce around 11,000 GW of electricity.

But environmentalists and indigenous leaders have strongly apposed the plans, which the government admits would see around 500 sq km of land flooded and activists believe would see thousands displaced.

'We want to make sure that Belo Monte does not destroy the ecosystems and the biodiversity that we have taken care of for millennia,' Megaron Tuxucumarrae, a leader of the Kayapo Indians said. 'We are opposed to dams on the Xingu and will fight to protect our river.'"

Full Story: Brazil to build controversial Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in Amazon rainforest


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