American High Speed Rail: Transportation and Jobs

The Infrastructurist's Melissa Lafsky is on Fox Business to discuss the prospect of high speed rail in America -- both in terms of transportation and jobs.

Though none of the main high speed rail manufacturers are American companies, Lafsky notes that American jobs will be created. Two of the main manufacturers have factories in the United States and would likely use American materials to build these trains.

Full Story: Future of High Speed Rail in the U.S.



American High Speed Rail: Transportation and Jobs

This is a beautiful thing that should have taken place decades ago and now we have to catch up with the rest of the world. So be prepared you Hummer driving, suburban living, self absorbed "What about me" people are going to have to eventually come out of your disconnected world and have to deal with the scary common people of the world. Yes, you just might have to sit next to a regular working stiff on public transportation. Welcome aboard my brothers and sisters!
Craig the LA

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