DC Abuzz With Biking Interest

An event featuring David Byrne ("Bicycle Diaries) in DC brings out hundreds to hear how to take back public streets from the domination of the auto, and green federal transportation policy as well.

There's appears to be a movement building to seek ways to lower the nation's auto-dependence by promoting cycling and other human-friendly initiatives, from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's embrace of 'livable communities' to this event in DC that served as a kickoff for the national "Cities for Cycling Initiative" (C4C).

"...there's growing popular desire to revoke the monopoly control cars and trucks have on our streets and public spaces. There's a clear tie to the "Complete Streets" movement, advancing the ideas of shared urban turf long espoused by such groups as Partners for Livable Communities and the Project for Public Spaces.

"Congressman Earl Blumenauer "foresees a possible 'quantum increase' in pro-bike features in the upcoming transportation bill, including 'green routes to work"'and enlarging the Transportation Department's existing Safe Routes to School program to include high schools."

"C4C's goal is to spread word of a surprisingly broad but not well-known range of pro-bike experiments that are already being tried in some U.S. and foreign cities."

Thanks to Martin Dreiling

Full Story: Cycling Wheels up the Policy Agenda


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