The Importance of Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure is a part of transportation, whether some elected officials like it or not. In this piece from Citiwire, Neal Peirce writes that this fact is becoming increasingly clear.

"A top new argument: obesity. A stunning 34 percent of adult Americans are currently obese, another 32 percent clearly overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Excessive weight now causes more deaths than smoking. If the fat crisis can't be dealt with, rising levels of heart disease and diabetes will assuredly swamp the nation's efforts to reduce spiraling health costs.

What's the answer? Yes, diet. But more physical activity, too. We've allowed autos to carry us everywhere, even walkable distances of less than a mile (and even, in many cases, to the gym)! Our bodies fatten inexorably. One estimate of the country's annual medical bill for physical inactivity: $117 billion."

Full Story: Biking and Walking: Our Secret Weapon?



The Importance of Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure


A small book...

Engwitch, D. 1992, Towards an eco-city:calming the traffic, Southward Press, Marrickville NSW Australia. ISBN 0 85881 062 X

...offers fabulous insight into how the auto has shaped our cities, societies and lives.

Whilst the car is not totally responsible for obesity (we are in control of our lives - aren't we?) is is heavily implicated. So is television, the internet and so-called gaming.

With all respect to the author, to draw attention to the importance of bike and pedestrian infrastructure without considering the other factors at play (I only listed a few) leaves too much unspoken.

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