Orrin Hatch Says America Needs Big Trucks

While driving an electric Hummer H3, Senator Hatch proclaimed that policy for the auto industry "must address our real need for larger vehicles."

"Worried that the Obama Administration's latest CAFE requirements will put the hurt to big trucks? Fret not, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has got your back. At an event held in the nation's capital, Hatch got the chance to pilot the extended-range electric HUMMER H3 from Raser Technologies that was debuted at the SAE World Congress earlier this year.

According to Hatch (via Green Car Advisor), "[This electric H3] is specifically designed for America's best-selling vehicle class -- SUVs and trucks," and he further states that efforts to help the U.S. auto industry recover "must address our real need for larger vehicles."

Ignoring the comment about SUVs and trucks being the most popular class of vehicles, which isn't entirely accurate, we agree with Hatch's assessment that there are some Americans that really do need these large vehicles, though that number is likely extremely small."

Full Story: Americans "need" big trucks, says Sen. Hatch, and the Raser Hummer EV is just right



Next big hit for 'the Free Agency'?

Orr likes big trucks and he can not lie...

Jane Jacobs

...was likewise eloquent on the subject of trucks' usefulness.

True, but

If they were all electrically powered, they wouldn't have nearly the bad name they have now. We need more than token demonstration SUVs that run on electricity.

We need land use changes that make more than one form of transportation available.

We need complete streets so you don't have to be a stunt person to ride a bike or walk.

We need carbon taxes that make pollution more expensive and subsidize solutions.

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