2 architects from the firm HPlusF took on the challenge of taking a Hummer and redesigning it into a modular dwelling. Thus, the HummerHaus.
Jul 25, 2011   dornob
After a last-ditch attempt to sell the Hummer brand to a Chinese company fell through, GM has declared it will shut it down.
Feb 25, 2010   The Huffington Post
A new study interviewed Hummer owners, and found that owners feel that their choice of vehicle perfectly reflects their moral values.
Sep 28, 2009   Wired
While driving an electric Hummer H3, Senator Hatch proclaimed that policy for the auto industry "must address our real need for larger vehicles."
May 25, 2009
A victim of soaring gas prices, a slumping economy and a changing public consciousness, the Hummer appears headed for extinction.
Dec 5, 2008