Miami's New I-95 Express Lanes Enable Regional Bus Service

Regional bus service will commence for the first time between Miami and Broward County with the completion of the I-95 Express (HOT) Lanes. Recovery Act funds provided for new diesel-hybrid and articulated buses, GPS and shelters.

Starting in January, Broward County Transit and Miami-Dade Transit will launch the first full-fledged regional bus service between the two neighboring counties, adding buses that will connect downtown Miami with communities in North and Central Broward.

Under the plan, both Broward and Miami-Dade buses will operate on express lanes now under construction on Interstate 95. Expansion of the regional services will seek to attract thousands of commuters who live in Broward and work in Miami-Dade and vice versa.

BCT also plans to add bus service on express lanes that will be built on I-59.

Reversible I-595 electronic toll express lanes, and other parts of the reconstruction project, are expected to be completed by 2014. But the I-595 bus service could begin as early as July or August 2010."

Thanks to Bob Poole

Full Story: Miami-Dade, Broward to launch extended cross-county bus service



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Update on Miami's I-95 Express Lanes - very popular; cheap toll

South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 18: With new express toll lanes, Interstate 95 traffic is moving faster:

" the five months since their debut, the new I-95 express lanes have significantly cut travel times out of downtown Miami....Rush-hour traffic in the new Miami express lanes, which allow vehicles to travel north for seven miles from Interstate 195 to the Golden Glades interchange, moves at an average of 56 mph, compared to 27 mph in the old carpool lane.

Traffic in the free lanes also is moving faster. Before, rush-hour speed averaged 20 mph. Now it's 41 mph.

Although I-95 has the same amount of traffic, the number of drivers willing to pay a quarter to $3.75 to use the express lanes has increased every month.

About $1.4 million in toll revenue was raised from December through March, with the money split to cover operation and maintenance of the lanes, additional Florida Highway Patrol troopers, Road Rangers and enhanced bus service."

Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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Editorial Urges Extention of Express Lanes

Extend express lanes into Broward and Palm Beach counties
(Sun Sentinel Editorial Board, May 20, 2009 )
"You can still call them the "Lexus Lanes" if you want. But you should also call them successful, and worthy of serious consideration for expansion."

However, if you can afford a quarter, you can afford traveling in the 'Lexus Lane' during least congested times. $3.75 provides access at peak of commute.
Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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