2,000 Transportation Projects

That's how many projects the Obama administration claims to have launched with the stimulus money, countering detractors who argued that the funding couldn't be spent fast enough to have an impact.

"Critics of the president's stimulus bill have argued that it will not pump money into the economy quickly enough, and have warned that too much money could be spent without proper checks, wasting taxpayer dollars.

The president sought to directly challenge that assertion today, saying that more projects have been started than they had projected when the bill passed two months ago.

"It isn't just the size" of the investments, Obama told the department employees, as Vice President Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stood by. "It's how quickly, efficiently and responsibly those investments have been made.""

Full Story: Obama Marks 2,000th Stimulus-Funded Transit Project



There are not 2,000 transit projects underway.

The headline for this story is misleading. There are 2,000 transportation projects underway, not 2,000 transit projects. By far most of these projects are roads. The source for this item, washingtonpost.com, also uses the word transit in its headline; perhaps newspaper headline writers use the shorter word "transit" to refer to transportation.

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Excellent point

Duly noted and changed. We at Planetizen don't want to add to the mixing up of transportation and transit.

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