Still Time to Fix Stimulus Bill, Says CNU

John Norquist presents CNUs recommendations for improving the American Recovery and Reinvestment Economic Recovery Bill, including more funding for transit and smarter road building.

"Americans need a bill that serves their urgent short-term needs (jobs) without undermining their long-term needs (a transportation system that makes life more convenient and functions well on less oil).

They may still get that bill, if they rally around a couple clear priorities:
1) Join with the smart growth coalition Transportation for America in calling for the bill envisioned by Transportation Committee Chair James Oberstar, with billions more for Amtrak and existing public transportation systems - plus provisions for prioritizing repair of dangerous bridges over highway expansions.

2) Urge Congress and the Obama Administration to go one step further, directing the bill's pavement dollars not just to gas-intensive highways (and major bridges) but to the walkable streets on compact blocks that support good transit-service and lively sustainable neighborhoods. There are plenty of these walkable streets in big cities, walkable suburbs and small towns across America. They're where our transportation system functions most efficiently and adds lasting economic value – and CNU and partners have a practical proposal into Congress for identifying and funding them.

A good Economic Recovery and Reinvestment bill will invest strategically in streets and transit - and give the Obama Administration a home run, not just more spending on the status quo."

Full Story: There’s Still Time for the Stimulus Bill to Get Rail and Roads Right



What Happened to "Change"?

Exclusive Motorcycle Lanes (EML)

Money for walkable streets not just arterials and freeways

Making sure that pavement dollars go to pedestrians too.

That's a great idea, John.

Several advantage:

• Such ped-oriented street improvements (new curbs/sidewalks, curve bulbs, traffic calming devices etc etc) are very labor-intensive and require many workers.

• Being simpler and low tech, ped-oriented R.O.W. improvements are quicker to design and thus can be "shovel-ready" long-before a new highway or subway.

• Being labor-intensive and requiring real skills, they can provide on-the-job training to many unemployed.

• They encourage people to get out of their homes and walk, meet neighbors, get healthier, and strengthen bonds of community.

Hope CNU will lobby hard in this direction.

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