What's A Rail Station Without Parking?

The New Jersey Transit's Secaucus commuter rail station is the topic of scorn by a New York Times editorial because it doesn't provide commuter parking - even though it was designed as a 'transfer station'.

"Why spend $450 million to build a commuter railroad station when commuters are, in effect, barred from using it? The answer from New Jersey Transit, which operates the station, is no answer at all. A parking facility, the agency claims, would simply draw more cars to an area already clogged with traffic"

The rail station, opened in 2003, is the first stop in New Jersey for most NJ Transit trains leaving NYC's Penn Station.

"There is no place for commuters to park their cars within miles of the station, which was intended as a transfer station only."

"The end to this absurdity may be within reach. Edison Properties, a realty firm, has bought a tract of land within easy walking distance of the station and plans to open a parking lot for 1,100 cars next spring. And the new leaders of New Jersey Transit have not only given the venture their blessing, but plan to install ticket vending machines at the site.

There is a downside. With space for only 1,100 cars, the lot is likely to be filled by dawn. With luck, that will cause New Jersey Transit to have a second awakening and provide hundreds of parking spaces of its own."

Full Story: Editorial: The Big Station That Couldn’t


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