Bicycling Real Estate Agents Win Over Clients

Some real estate agents are winning new clients by showing up for property showings on their bicycles.

"With gas prices up, air quality down and saving the planet on everyone's mind, [real estate] agents across Canada and in the United States are scrapping cars, long considered a business necessity, to bike, walk and use public transit. And some are finding it's paying off as they fill a green niche with environmentally concerned clients.

Many clients gravitate to [cycling agents]...because they are similarly motivated. And cycling, [one agent] found, lends itself to selling houses. 'I can meet people at a house or we can bike together...It really is better to see a neighbourhood on a bike. You can assess the ambient atmosphere. You can smell the freshly cut grass in a park, and see if the residents smile at you.'

At open houses in Vancouver...bikes will often be piled up in front as would-be buyers check out the property....Some agents say this is a case of the real-estate industry catching up to the lifestyles of urban house hunters."

Full Story: Riding out the housing market



Green Realtors

I'm an acquaintance of Chris Chopik, one of the realtors profiled in this story. Riding his bike to listings is but one way that he demonstrates his commitment to the environment. Sustainability completely permeates his real estate practice. He encourages clients to consider how "future friendly" various homes are, rather than just focussing on furnishings such as pot lights and granite countertops. He helps them determine the "energy cost" of a home, which in many cases exceeds the purchase price when calculated over the entire length of ownership. We could use more realtors like Chris!

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