Bike Beats Car and Bus In Race to City Hall

Cyclist wins a "race" across Philadelphia, beating a car and city transit in fight through morning traffic.

"Sparked by national Bike-to-Work Week, the Bicycle Coalition for Greater Philadelphia held its fourth annual 'Commuter Race' across the heart of Philadelphia during the morning rush hour."

"The contestants began at 45th and Spruce Streets, in West Philadelphia, at 8 a.m. with the goal of being first to the finish line at the Municipal Services Building, in the heart of Center City."

"While the bicyclists knew that their guy would win, his finish time - 10 minutes, 47 seconds - was 4 minutes better than they expected. Finishing second, about 10 minutes behind, was a driver from Philly CarShare. The bus ride took almost 40 minutes."

"Coalition member Alex Doty said the cyclists always win races like this -- and get in some exercise -- and cities win through the reduction of pollution and traffic."

"'When I bicycle commute, it changes a part of the day that is usually one of tedium and turns it into something that is joyful,' Doty said. 'I miss it when I don't do it. I don't think many other people miss their commutes.'"

Full Story: Bicyclist beats motorist and straphanger in race to City Hall


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