Party on the Streetcar

Party organizers in Prague have set up a monthly party that takes place on one of the city's streetcars as it drives through town.

"Known as Tramix (, the tram-based club night makes a late-night trip around the Czech capital about once a month. 'The whole idea of the music is that it is very positive and that it goes well with the city of Prague,' said Honza Komarek, a D.J. and one of the event's organizers. 'When you have a great track going and you look out the window and see Wenceslas Square, the effect is just massive. People go crazy; everyone is screaming; everyone is waving; everyone is dancing.'"

"Tramix is usually run on the boxy Tatra T6 model, which can hold about 150 ravers, along with a sound system, D.J.'s, lighting and two mobile bars. On those nights when Tramix takes over an older cigar-tube-shaped Tatra T3, only about 60 visitors can participate. (Tickets are 290 korunas, or about $18 at 16.20 korunas to the dollar.) While Tramix is a worthy event in its own right, it actually functions as a kind of preparty and chauffeur service. Usually taking off from the Namesti Miru station, the two-and-a-half-hour trip finishes at one of the city's many dance clubs, including Mecca, which generally remain open until dawn."

Full Story: Prague: A Movable Fest


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