Northwest Drivers Use A Gallon Less Than the National Average

Motorists in Oregon, Washington and Idaho are using less gas per week than the average American. A recent report credits the region's public transit systems and land use policies for the reduction in fuel consumption.

"At a time of record gas prices and rising sales of hybrid cars, it stands to reason that Americans would buy less gas. But the fact that Oregon and Washington residents are buying less gas than the national average stems from the region's investment in mass transit and development patterns that put homes closer to stores and employers, said Clark Williams-Derry, research director for Sightline."

"Motorists in Oregon, Washington and Idaho bought on average 7.8 gallons of gas a week in 2007, about 11 percent less than the 8.7 gallons a week they consumed in 1999. That drop is far steeper than the national average, which declined by 3 percent to 8.6 gallons a week in 2007."

"Both Oregon and Washington had less per capita weekly consumption and steeper declines than Idaho. Oregon residents bought 7.7 gallons a week in 2007, down 10 percent from 8.6 gallons a week in 1999. Washington weekly consumption was the same in 2007, dropping from 8.7 gallons a week in 1999."

Thanks to Dylan Rivera

Full Story: Northwest drivers using less gas than national average


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