New England Clothesline Measures Up In Air

Measures are moving forward in Connecticut and Vermont that would protect the rights of residents to dry their laundry on clotheslines -- an act many opponents say drives down property values.

"Homeowners' associations, which enforce bans on clotheslines at thousands of residential developments across the country, say the rules are needed to prevent flapping laundry from dragging down property values. But in an age of paper over plastic, as people try to take small steps to protect the environment, more residents are chafing at the restrictions. And some lawmakers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut are taking it a step further, seeking legislation that would guarantee the freedom to let one's garments flutter in the breeze."

"If successful, the measures in Vermont and Connecticut would be the first in New England, and among the first in the country, to protect the age-old custom of air-drying laundry. (The proposal in New Hampshire died in committee, but proponents say they plan to try again next session.)"

"In some minds, though, clotheslines connote a landscape of poverty rather than flowering fields. Opponents of the proposed legislation say homeowners' groups have the right to protect property values by forbidding practices they consider unsightly, such as storing junk cars in driveways - and hanging wet laundry outside."

Full Story: Clothesline rule creates flap




Who in the world would dry their clothes in their front yard? HOAs can restrict clothes drying to the rear of the house and everyone is happy.

Homes with just a front yard

Homes with just a front yard maybe? I have a bit of space in the front of my condo and no backyard. I don't dry my clothes out there, but I guess I could see someone wanting to do it instead of on all the furniture and in the shower. Sounds like none of the HOA's business to me. Not sure how much that would influence property values anyhow. Seems like it would add to the value by humanizing the street...make it appear as if people actually live there.

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