Transit Agency's Eminent Domain Under Fire

The use of eminent domain by the Denver-area Regional Transportation District is coming under increasing scrutiny from homeowners and public officials.

"After hearing emotional testimony from some property owners whose land is being taken for use along a light-rail line, the House Transportation Committee passed an amended bill Tuesday that places curbs on RTD's power of eminent domain."

"'They are taking my home and business and American dream,' Lakewood property owner Galen Foster said to legislators, about the land at West 14th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard that he and his wife, Kim Snyder, are losing to the Regional Transportation District."

"RTD is taking their property and other land in the area for a four-story, 1,000-space parking garage to serve the Wadsworth station on the west light-rail line."

"RTD general manager Cal Marsella told lawmakers his agency pays 'fair market value' for land taken through eminent domain."

Full Story: Amended eminent-domain bill puts limits


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