Measuring Success At Kentlands

After nearly 20 years, has the New Urbanist development Kentlands been successful at achieving its goal of creating a strong community?

"But does a traditional neighborhood design really create a strong sense of community? How can you tell? After all, this is not an obvious visual characteristic; it's a perception."

"Kentlands is almost 20 years old. If the theory works, it would be evident by now there."

"After extensive interviews with six Kentlands homeowners, I believe the answer to the community question is clearly 'yes.'"

"Of course, six people is a minuscule fraction of the Kentlands' several thousand residents. However, my conclusion echoes that of Joongsub Kim, an architecture professor at Lawrence Technical University in Southfield, Mich., who has lived in and studied the dynamics of Kentlands and a nearby conventional subdivision for 10 years. He has interviewed more than 425 households in both communities."

Full Story: At Kentlands, New Urbanism Has Unlocked a Sense of Community


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