City Holds Walgreens to Design Standards

A proposed Walgreens Drugstore is the latest in a series of challenges to Syracuse's Eastwood Overlay District Guidelines.

If you asked residents how they felt about a Walgreens coming into Eastwood, reviews are mixed. In fact, the proposal resulted in rigorously dividing the community into the usual suspects. Many believe that the Walgreens would be better than the eyesores currently dotting the Main Street Business district that is characterstic of many first ring suburbs after the onslaught of big box retail in the outer rings. To others, especially the architects, landscape architects, planners and other professionals who have made the Eastwood neighborhood their home, this is a repeat of the same insanity that caused the deteriorating economic base in the first place.

"We feel a Walgreens in Eastwood could be an important resource and a viable facility in our community," commission Chairman Ruben P. Cowart said. However, the Planning Commission acknowleged that the developer failed to make their case to substantiate requested waivers to the Eastwood Overlay Design Guidelines. Therefore, the Planning Commission denied the application without predjudice asking that the developer go back to the drawing board.

Thanks to Maureen A. Harding, AICP

Full Story: City Panel Rejects Walgreens Plans


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