Land Use

May 19, 2004, 12pm PDT
Editorial encourages leaders to learn about smart growth.
Sun Herald
May 19, 2004, 11am PDT
Will a plan to convert otherwise non-developable land to to "Indian country" -- free from local zoning regulations -- become a new trend?
The Los Angeles Times
May 19, 2004, 6am PDT
Carroll County, Maryland, links development approvals to county infrastructure and service requirements.
The Baltimore Sun
May 19, 2004, 5am PDT
Unlike in the US, trespassing in Britian and Europe has traditionally favored the wanderer. Recent events, however, show that Nimbyism is taking root in the Old World.
The Christian Science Monitor
May 18, 2004, 10am PDT
New Urbanists Andres Duany and Anton Nelessen keynote the Building a Better Richmond conference in Virginia.
Richmond Times-Dispatch
May 16, 2004, 9am PDT
In a city where big-box retail has been approved without much discussion for years, the Planning Board of Winston-Salem, NC, sends a message that the community may be ready to take a different path.
Winston-Salem Journal
May 14, 2004, 1pm PDT
Bristol, RI seeks to protect historic districts, by adopting strict guidelines for chain stores and franchises.
The Providence Journal
May 14, 2004, 6am PDT
State supported transfer of development rights programs are working to preserve Farmland in New Jersey.
USA Today
May 12, 2004, 10am PDT
Billions spent on new bridges to satisfy ego, spread sprawl
Michigan Land Use Institute
May 12, 2004, 8am PDT
Randal O'Toole, an economist and director of the Oregon-based Thoreau Institute, challenges smart growth.
Toronto At Home
May 11, 2004, 8am PDT
Urban policy expert Anthony Downs connects the financial arguments of smarter growth to political opportunities particularly in times such as now when growing prosperity will reenergize interests in growth management.
May 10, 2004, 8am PDT
Cautiously at first, grant program steps toward big investment shift to "Cool Cities."
Michigan Land Use Institute
May 9, 2004, 9am PDT
John Norquist, former mayor of Milwaukee, encourages developers to avoid sprawl and consider mixed-use development.
Pensacola NewsJournal
May 8, 2004, 1pm PDT
Duke Realty unveils their vision for a 1700 acre mixed use project in Boone County, Indiana.
The Indianapolis Star
May 4, 2004, 2pm PDT
Urban sprawl negatively impacts the lives of persons with disabilities.
Yahoo! Newswire
May 4, 2004, 8am PDT
Sacramento's most influential leaders want the city to grow without sprawling.
The Sacramento Bee
May 4, 2004, 6am PDT
An interview with Doug Kelbaugh, dean of the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.
Michigan Live
May 3, 2004, 7am PDT
The American Planning Association and the planning profession as a whole have lost their way. Constant compromise has led to mediocrity. Now it's time to get re-focused.
May 2, 2004, 7am PDT
Columnist Jay Walljasper examines the psychology of public streets and walking in American culture.
May 1, 2004, 11am PDT
A developer's vision for terminal 46 is opposed by the Port of Seattle and the longshore workers.
Seattle Weekly