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The "Eastern Corridor" project along State Route 32 outside of Cincinnati is causing no small amount of controversy between outer and inner suburbs. At stake: open space, commute times, taxes, and lifestyle choices.
14 hours ago
Last week, with a $4.5 million budget deficit and no development activity, the Petaluma City Council took the drastic step of eliminating its entire planning department.
Apr 22, 2009   California Planning & Development Report
"If we can develop and design streets so that they are wonderful, fulfilling places to be - community-building places, attractive for all people - then we will have successfully designed about one-third of the city." Opinion
Apr 21, 2009   By Brent Toderian
U.S. states and officials are looking North to Canada where public-private partnerships have successfully funded infrastructure projects for years in British Columbia.
Apr 21, 2009   The Christian Science Monitor
As urban cycling increases, cities like Seattle are finding that they need to change the way they think about users of the road.
Apr 21, 2009   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Lotto winner Tim Clements followed his dream of opening a clothing-optional dude ranch in Brookings, Florida. One problem: he forgot to get any permits.
Apr 20, 2009   St. Petersburg Times
People who live within walking distance of amenities like stores, transit stops, and parks are twice as likely to be fit as those who don't, according to a new study conducted by researchers at San Diego State University.
Apr 20, 2009   Gant Daily
Preconceptions and lofty goals surround New York's soon-to-open High Line park. But the unprecedented inner city rail line conversion leaves much up in the air, according to this piece from <em>The Architect's Newspaper</em>.
Apr 20, 2009   The Architect's Newspaper
 At a company presentation about environmental impact the other week a colleague included a historic photograph of Scollay Square in Boston.  You are pardoned if, even after visiting or living in that city, this doesn't sound familiar because all prominent characteristics of the area were summarily Opinion
Apr 20, 2009   By Ian Sacs
Slow Cities? Swedish sustainability? Collaborative networks of small towns across the world are coming together to share knowledge and drive innovation, particularly when it comes to sustainable living. Heike Mayer and Paul L. Knox of Virginia Tech are authors of a new book on small town sustainability. Exclusive
Apr 20, 2009  By Heike Mayer
A thoughtful look at what made Daniel Burnham's plan for the City of Chicago so successful.
Apr 20, 2009   Urbanophile