Land Use

September 8, 2003, 12pm PDT
Do smart growth and preservation go hand-in-hand? Are environmental and social goals directly pitted against one another?
East Hampton Star
September 7, 2003, 7am PDT
As the backlog of housing in Brazil continues to increase, ranchers and the poor in search of housing outside of urban areas clash.
The Washington Post
September 5, 2003, 9am PDT
Is new urbanism changing the way the public thinks about downtown -- even if they don't know what new urbanism is?
The Augusta Chronicle
September 4, 2003, 5am PDT
New zoning and redevelopment guidelines are being developed in anticipation of the Valley's new light-rail system.
American City Business Journals
September 3, 2003, 7am PDT
Cities would do better to loosen prescriptive zoning codes and give more flexibility to developers, writes Chris Fiscelli in a PLANetizen Op-Ed.
September 2, 2003, 1pm PDT
Can Milwaukee become a national model for transforming brownfields into an engine for family-supporting jobs?
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
September 2, 2003, 11am PDT
A close look at one Colorado County agricultural land is disappearing quickly.
Planning Magazine
September 2, 2003, 8am PDT
Suburbia, envisioned as a cure for the "ulcers" of cities, is now seen as an evil.
The Oregonian
September 2, 2003, 7am PDT
The Athens Banner Hearld runs a three-part detailing how Michigan cities are adopting the New Urbanism.
Athens Banner-Herald
September 1, 2003, 9am PDT
The Victoria Transportation Policy Institute issues a highly detailed critique of the most common Smart Growth criticisms.
Victoria Transport Policy Institute
August 29, 2003, 10am PDT
A new national study and special issues of two prestigious medical journals offer powerful indications that sprawl has a hand in the country's obesity crisis. Includes fact sheets for each state with health sprawl scores for each county.
Smart Growth America
August 29, 2003, 9am PDT
A new study is the first to correlate density and health on a national scale and finds that people living in spread out suburbs are more likely to be overweight.
The Washington Post
August 28, 2003, 10am PDT
A Chicago suburb has enacted the region's first inclusionary zoning ordinance.
The Chicago Tribune
August 28, 2003, 9am PDT
Five Los Angeles cities that control development on the coastal peninsula require the use of 'silhouetting' to alert neighbors about proposed development.
The Los Angeles Times
August 27, 2003, 12pm PDT
Environmentalists, developers, and the community are at odds over the future of riverfront in Fort Lauderdale's redevelopment area.
August 25, 2003, 10am PDT
To reduce elderly driver crashes, we will need to "redesign the suburbs" and provide alternative transportation choices for Americans.
The Washington Post Writers Group
August 24, 2003, 1pm PDT
A town in Cape Cod, MA is trying to declare itself a 'district of critical planning concern' in efforts to slow growth in the area.
The Boston Globe
August 22, 2003, 5am PDT
Ana Marie Cox reports from the front lines of the anti-smart growth movement. Is 'Gucci sprawl' the smart growth movement's dirty little secret?
August 21, 2003, 12pm PDT
Panel proposes far-reaching changes for state laws and policies in Michigan.
Lansing State Journal
August 21, 2003, 6am PDT
Planners propose form-based code in Savannah.
Savannah Morning News