Land Use

What's keeping the historic parts of your city or town from staying up-to-date and well-loved? Usually, the laws.
Yesterday   PlaceShakers
In Orange, California, city codes require that front yards be 40% landscaping. After considerately adding drought-resistant plants and bark to save water, the city sued an Orange couple.
Mar 3, 2010
That's what citizen groups are calling digital billboards, saying they area a safety hazard for distracting drivers. States around the country are grappling with how to regulate the glowing signs.
Mar 3, 2010   The New York Times
The leading architect and urban planner from the Philippines is calling on the city of Manila to take stronger precautions in the face of earthquakes and other natural disasters.
Mar 3, 2010   Philippine Daily Inquirer
The desire to create walkable neighborhoods is alive in cities around the U.S., but the recession has made it difficult or impossible to follow through.
Mar 2, 2010   Washington Examiner
In the late '90s a trio of North Carolina suburbs tried to ditch their suburban past with a new, much lauded Smart Growth planning effort that revised the way they used their land. The success of the celebrated developments didn't last long.
Mar 2, 2010   Citiwire
Activists in Seattle have created a community garden on empty land to help provide food for the city's needy.
Mar 2, 2010   The Seattle Times
Nicola Twilley and Sarah Rich are launching a project called Foodprint NYC with the goal of creating a comprehensive vision for a food policy for New York. Urban Omnibus has this interview.
Feb 28, 2010   Urban Omnibus
Much of the land use plan is focused on what will not be used -- areas set aside as urban preserves.
Feb 28, 2010   The Oregonian
The City of Seattle is looking to revive some of its often forgotten and neglected urban spaces: alleys.
Feb 28, 2010   The Seattle Times
Planning policies that produce cheap, abundant parking are fundamentally at odds with efforts to promote transit, biking, and walking. A new report from ITDP shows how some cities have started to align parking policies with sustainable transport.
Feb 26, 2010   Streetsblog