Land Use

To preserve views, zoning rules from 2006 require adequate distance between residential towers of a certain height. As developers chafe against the restriction, residents still worry they'll be left facing a wall.
21 hours ago   The Seattle Times
Recent earthquake response efforts in Haiti showed how comparing satellite imagery could help to identify physical changes in the damaged country and assist rescue workers. That same sort of imagery could play a similar role for urban planners. Exclusive
Jan 18, 2010  By Nate Berg
The United States has a long history of planning at the national level. This article from Professor Robert Fishman details that history, and looks at how national planning may play out over the next 100 years.
Jan 17, 2010   PBS
Cities along the British coast are being warned that sea level rise over the next 100 years will have significant destructive effects. Officials are being cautioned to consider city-altering plans that shift populations away from endangered areas.
Jan 16, 2010   Guardian
<em>Metropolis</em> presents a slideshow of photographs by artist Christoph Gielen, who photographs suburban developments from a helicopter.
Jan 16, 2010   Metropolis
Dallas is putting its hopes on architecture and art to spur the city's cultural development.
Jan 16, 2010   The Texas Observer
Planner Sam Gennawey applies the Urban-to-Rural Transect concept to Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland.
Jan 15, 2010   SamLand's Disney Adventures
Petaluma, California, made headlines last year when it got rid of its planning department. <em>The Architect's Newspaper</em> takes a look at how the city is adapting to contract-based planning through hired consultants.
Jan 15, 2010   The Architect's Newspaper
NYC's Dept. of Education has committed to building 70 new playgrounds in the five boroughs.
Jan 14, 2010   Crain's
Anthony Flint, recent author of a book about Jane Jacobs, talks to ASLA's The Dirt blog about her influence on urban design and landscape architecture.
Jan 13, 2010   ASLA's The Dirt blog
Planners in Los Angeles are considering a plan to remove two lanes of a strip of downtown street to create parkspace for the formerly light-industrial area's growing populations.
Jan 13, 2010   Los Angeles Times