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A report from the London School of Economics focuses on the growth of cities around the world between 2012 and 2030, proposing a "3C model" for growth to ensure economic prosperity and to limit emissions.
2 days ago   LSE Cities
Returning from CNU, James Howard Kunstler reacts to a NY Times article about California's high-speed rail plans, and reflects on New Urbanism's shift away from traditional-neighborhood developments and into preparing for the 'long emergency'.
Jun 23, 2009
The economic downturn has halted many projects in Dubai, but the show's not over in the elaborate emirate. In fact, its patterns of development may even be spreading to other cities around the world.
Jun 23, 2009   Los Angeles Times
Struggling cities are increasingly looking at the idea of bulldozing vacant properties and "shrinking". But two columnists argue it might not be such a good idea.
Jun 23, 2009   Citiwire
According to this op-ed, allowing cities to de-densify undermines the importance of the city's role in society at large--namely, as a breeding ground for technological and cultural innovation.
Jun 23, 2009   Los Angeles Times
I can’t deny that one of my strongest personality traits is that of being a hard-core cheapskate.  So much so, that I feel obliged to caveat this post by saying that my initial reasons for getting into rooftop gardening were more to save money on buying fresh vegetables and fruit from our rather pricey local markets than any particular affection for gardening.  While it turns out that my wife and I probably do save money (surprisingly, I never ran the numbers), the joy of gardening, and the kick I get out of showing our rooftop garden off to friends, has far outweighed the economic benefits.  Opinion
Jun 22, 2009   By Ian Sacs
Some cities are change zoning laws to free smaller supermarkets from having to supply parking spaces in order to provide enough nutritious food to low-income residents.
Jun 22, 2009   STREETSBLOG.ORG
Robert Puentes argues that a new federal interagency partnership, debuted before the Senate this week, could provide the federal leadership necessary for a unified vision of transportation, housing, and environmental policy designed to tackle our interrelated economic, energy, and climate challenges. Exclusive
Jun 22, 2009  By Robert Puentes
Dense Cairo has few sanctioned public spaces. So residents make do wherever they can.
Jun 21, 2009   The New York Times
New York City's planning commission recently approved a plan to revitalize Coney Island.
Jun 20, 2009   Crain's New York Business
The Lighthouse at Long Island is a proposed 5.5 million sq. ft. of mixed-use development covering 150 acres of Nassau County. The developers see it as a new form of smart growth suburbia.
Jun 19, 2009   The New York Times