Land Use

Madrid, Spain is taking the next steps in restricting vehicular access to its urban core in the hopes of completely pedestrianizing central Madrid by 2020.
19 hours ago   Arch Daily
Hayward, which is an East Bay suburb of San Francisco, has laid the groundwork for a nearly car-free housing development for environmentally conscious living.
Jun 9, 2009   San Francisco Chronicle
Officials of Bridgeport admitted that the city's Master Plan of Conservation and Development was improperly adopted last year.
Jun 8, 2009   Connecticut Post
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy spent two years looking at smart growth policies in a number of states to see how well they've achieved their goals. Gregory K. Ingram, President of the Institute, explains the results. Exclusive
Jun 8, 2009  By Gregory K. Ingram
Two representatives of a committee charged with implementing reductions in VMT to meet California's SB 375 goals discuss the challenges.
Jun 7, 2009   The Planning Report
Concern: Ames Shovel Shops might be demolished.
Jun 7, 2009   The Boston Globe
The Stafford Board of Supervisors opposed an ordinance which would require a minimum buildable lot area for agriculturally zoned parcels.
Jun 6, 2009   The Free Lance-Star
There was much ado at a recent L.A. City Council meeting when a group opposing a new 7-story development was allowed to speak after the project had been approved. It also appears the public speakers were cut short by a puppet show.
Jun 5, 2009   Los Angeles Times
I'm watching local Rochester-area advocates respond to presentations by three panelists on the subject of "Community Food Supply and Environmental Justice" at the Association for Opinion
Jun 5, 2009   By Jess Zimbabwe
The executive director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission says that the zoning "overlay" of the central Delaware waterfront will be replaced by a new master plan in 12 to 16 months.
Jun 5, 2009   The Philadelphia Inquirer
After months of input on boundaries from readers, the <em>Los Angeles Times</em> has released its map of neighborhoods in the city.
Jun 4, 2009   Los Angeles Times