Land Use

"Zoned in the USA: The Origins and Implications of American Land-Use Regulation," by Sonja Hirt, describes the exceptional characteristics, compared to European land use regulations, that make U.S. zoning laws so conducive to sprawl. Exclusive
13 min ago  By Josh Stephens
A new report from the International Olympic Committee has evaluated the four host candidates for the 2016 Summer Olympics and found many places for improvement ahead of its October 2 decision.
Sep 3, 2009   The Chicago Tribune
Susanna Diaz reviews a new book covering the history and thought of urban planning in Brazil, edited by Profs. Vicente del Rio and William Siembieda of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Exclusive
Sep 3, 2009  By Vicente del Rio
A historic airfield in Berlin will be transformed over the next year into the city's largest park.
Sep 2, 2009   The Local
As part of its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, Chicago has broad plans for a proposed Olympic Village. Preservationists are protesting, as those plans involve the demolition historic architecture by Walter Gropius. A decision has been delayed.
Sep 1, 2009   The Architect's Newspaper
Piscataway, New Jersey has a booming Muslim Center that wants to expand, including adding a new parking lot and adding a 45-ft. minaret. Locals are complaining about the impact to traffic, light pollution, and 'parking havoc.'
Sep 1, 2009   The Star-Ledger
Plans to create an assessment district near New York City's new High Line linear park have been dropped.
Sep 1, 2009   The Architect's Newspaper
Cities are taking charge when it comes to their streets. A number of big American cities have come out with manuals and toolkits to guide their design. In the third part of their series on streets, Amber Hawkes and Georgia Sheridan look at some of the emerging street design manuals and how they're working. Exclusive
Aug 31, 2009  By Amber Hawkes
A review of a new book <em>Building Commons and Community</em> by Karl Linn, a landscape architect and psychologist who worked to create vibrant community spaces in abandoned lots and boring institutional settings.
Aug 30, 2009   re:place Magazine
Dan Maginn proposes some exercises for visualizing how much room you actually need to live, starting with this equation: too big = not good. Small = good. Too small = suck.
Aug 27, 2009   GOOD Magazine