Los Angeles Considers How to Close its 'Missing Link'

Long Beach's Press Telegram explores the options for completing a 4.5-mile stretch of the Long Beach (710) Freeway connecting Alhambra to Pasadena, a controversy that's been brewing for five decades.

As Metro considers widening the 710 freeway at its southern end, and options for closing the 4.5-mile gap at its northern end, Lauren Gold, Steve Scauzillo, Karen Robes Meeks and Brian Charles look at the pros and cons of L.A.'s next major multi-billion dollar freeway construction project.

"A [$3.5 billion] freeway tunnel, a light-rail line, a bus line, and a high-tech transportation management system, which coordinates traffic lights and automobile flow" are among the options being considered for completing the nothern end of the Long Beach (710) Freeway and filling in the 'missing link' in Southern California's 22,000-mile transportation system.

"Opponents believe any proposal for the 710 results in the destruction of neighborhoods and a reduced quality of life," write the authors.

"We look at ourselves; we're fighting the Port of Los Angeles and we're fighting the 710," Long Beach resident John Cross said. "We're like David and Goliath, only my deal is we should just find the right rock to hit them with. We're gonna keep chucking rocks."

Full Story: The 710: Spine of LA Freeway system and its missing link


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