Community / Economic Development

Recently elected Mayor of Long Beach Robert Garcia, 37 years old, outlines his priorities: education, climate change, and economic development.
14 hours ago   The Planning Report
The city of San Angelo, Texas bucks a regional trend towards stricter regulations for signs used as advertising.
Dec 4, 2008   San Angelo Standard Times
As more and more of China's "floating population" return from their city jobs to their farms, officials brace for backlash from the recently unemployed.
Dec 3, 2008   The Wall Street Journal
The people of Salt Lake City have gotten behind the switch to mixed-use, and developers have been clearing away old sprawl. But the flailing economy has put projects on hold, leaving the city with a landscape full of holes.
Dec 3, 2008   Utah Stories
The issues posed by homeless people in downtown Riverside, California, are not out of the ordinary. But they definitely do not help the city's efforts to revitalize downtown.
Dec 3, 2008   California Planning & Development Report
Tough economic times spell troubles for city budgets. One way to cut back on costs is to rethink operation of seemingly untouchable public safety services like police and firefighters, according to this column from Neal Peirce.
Dec 2, 2008   Citiwire
As rail expands into East L.A., residents are both excited about economic opportunities and worried about gentrification and the possible loss of the area's distinct Latino character.
Dec 2, 2008   Los Angeles Times
As Mumbai recovers from the recent terrorist attacks, social worker Katia Savchuk reflects on how cities can be resilient to terrorism.
Dec 1, 2008   Where
According to Philip Myrick, communities that will fare the best economically are the ones that think locally and employ placemaking strategies.
Dec 1, 2008   Project For Public Spaces
A proposed New Orleans hospital will have to be built on top of an historic neighborhood that some residents feel that they have just regained. Those in favor of the project insist that the selection of that site was necessary.
Dec 1, 2008   International Herald Tribune
Economic stimulation is an important issue these days. Let's be smart when choosing economic stimulation strategies. Opinion
Nov 30, 2008   By Todd Litman