Community / Economic Development

Aaron Paley, the founder of CicLAvia in Los Angeles, announces a change in leadership and describes the future of the game-changing event—a good read for anyone interested in open-streets, cultural events, and urban quality of life.
19 hours ago   Los Angeles Times
Its history of pollution dates back to the Civil War, but 25 years after being declared a Superfund site, Woburn's Industri-plex in Massachusetts is just about cleaned up. A retail complex there has opened recently.
Feb 18, 2009   The Boston Globe
Matthew Klauer had intended to build a 44-room country inn on the 27-acre plot he purchased in Washington, Connecticut. Rejected by locals, Klauer is changing the plan and building 33 small homes using an affordable housing law.
Feb 17, 2009   Governing Magazine
Banks and financial institutions are making the foreclosure crisis worse, as lobbying efforts seek to block bankruptcy courts from gaining more power to reduce debt, according to this article from <em>Der Spiegel</em>.
Feb 17, 2009   Der Spiegel
More than $1 billion has been invested in a Vancouver slum area, but little improvement can be seen, according to this investigation from <em>The Globe and Mail</em>.
Feb 17, 2009   The Globe and Mail
Canceled conventions are causing economic pain in Las Vegas.
Feb 17, 2009   The New York Times
Violent activists threw gasoline bombs from the top of a building in Seoul, protesting forced evictions to make way for new development. Police stormed the building, and the resulting fire killed six.
Feb 16, 2009   The Los Angeles Times
The 700,000k sq ft Oberoi Mall in Mumbai is an enclosed shopping center that also meets the street on the outside.
Feb 15, 2009   Shopping Centers Today
Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma pasted an amendment into the stimulus package banning it from funding museums, arts centers, theaters, stadiums, parks, casinos or golf courses. James S. Russell says, 'starving the arts is suicidal.'
Feb 13, 2009
In this thorough piece from <em>The Atlantic</em>, Richard Florida looks at the economic crisis facing the world, how it's affecting cities and regions, and how it will have a lasting effect on the U.S. -- in both good and bad ways.
Feb 13, 2009   The Atlantic
The latest Forbes Misery Index sees a number of changes in the roster, with housing bust "ground zero" Stockton California at the "top" of the list.
Feb 11, 2009   ABC News