Community / Economic Development

Nathan Jensen, a political science professor at Washington University in St. Louis, has found evidence that one of the most popular strategies for state and local leaders to attract new business does not pay off.
12 hours ago   The Washington Post
InTransition Magazine talks to Rick Eckstein, author of <em>Public Dollars, Private Stadiums: The Battle over Building Sports Stadiums</em> about why stadiums fail to fulfill their promises of economic revitalization.
Aug 29, 2008   InTransition Magazine
Tax watchdogs in Idaho are challenging the state's redevelopment agencies, and opened up the question: are they city departments, or not? And if they are, shouldn't their decisions follow the will of the voters?
Aug 28, 2008   The Boise Weekly
New census figures have been released, showing a rise in median household income and more people with health insurance. But experts warn that the figures do not account for the recent slump in the economy.
Aug 28, 2008   The Seattle Times
When big boxes go under, they leave big holes. Communities across America are coming up with some creative ways to reuse the huge spaces left behind when big box retailers move out.
Aug 27, 2008   USA Today
As the Olympics leave town, Beijing appears to be in a much better position to benefit from the games than previous Summer Olympic host Athens.
Aug 27, 2008   Yahoo Sports
New York City is changing the way poverty in the city is defined, while the Federal government is considering a bill to do the same. Planetizen Assistant Editor Nate Berg reports in The Christian Science Monitor.
Aug 26, 2008   The Christian Science Monitor
This article from <em>Vancouver Magazine</em> looks at a recent study naming the livable and oft-envied city home to some of the least happy Canadians and asks why a great city has unhappy people.
Aug 25, 2008   Vancouver Magazine
This summer I cycled through beautiful countryside, saw impressive ruins, visited old churches, travelled through small towns and met friendly people.  I also saw communities, deprived of their purpose, coping with decline. I may have even seen the last days of a way of life.  (See for youself, in this issue of Price Tags.) This was Upstate New York State, along the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany – an experience that rivaled any bike tour I could have taken in Europe. For it was there that I saw one of the wonders of the world. The Erie Canal was certainly that. Opinion
Aug 25, 2008   By Gordon Price
Restaurants are now a better draw than retail in a tough economy, and new retail centers are upping their percentage of eating places to follow suit.
Aug 25, 2008   The Dallas Morning News
Matthew J. Kiefer assesses NIMBYism in full flower, describing not just its agonies but also its value in democratizing land use planning decisions. He concludes with some constructive advice on how to make the most of this painful but inescapable feature of the development landscape. Exclusive
Aug 25, 2008  By Matthew J. Kiefer