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Redlining has been around for a long time, but across the country, local, state, and federal agencies are filing complaints against banks and other corporations for creative and subtle new forms of discrimination.
5 hours ago   CityLab
As recently as the turn of this century, retailers were taking a chance on downtown Detroit. But today, Starbucks, Borders and others are pulling their stores out.
Jun 19, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
Philadelphians (and the Obama administration) sing the praises of the city's Fresh Food Financing Initiative, which works to bring healthy produce and groceries to underserved locations.
Jun 18, 2009   Philadelphia Daily News
A new study provides further evidence that incorporating sidewalks into existing neighborhoods is a practical and inexpensive way of encouraging people to exercise.
Jun 18, 2009   SDSU NewsCenter
With job cuts and cost-saving measures the watchword of the day, cities like Orlando and Las Vegas are fighting their fun-loving image to attract serious-minded conventioneers.
Jun 18, 2009   The Orlando Sentinel
Residents of Santa Ana neighborhood are locking up their trash bins, hoping to eliminate the noise and trouble brought by scavengers.
Jun 18, 2009   Los Angeles Times
A new Brookings Institution study shows that American cities are experiencing the recession at "radically varying levels."
Jun 17, 2009   Huffington Post
Next week, the Greater Amman Municipality will host activities of the 2nd US-Arab Forum, which will last from June 22 to June 24.
Jun 17, 2009   Jordan Times
Mini-farms across the city boost neighborhood appearances, help low-income residents in tough economic times
Jun 17, 2009   Philadelphia Daily News
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Jun 16, 2009   By Brent Toderian
Residents in an Oxnard neighborhood install a community garden which will provide them with fruits and vegetables.
Jun 16, 2009   Ventura County Star