Gensler, along with partners in China, is exploring ways to implement 3D printing technology. It's time for planners to start letting their imaginations run wild with possibilities.
2 days ago   Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research
<p>In response to meeting regional housing demand requirements stipulated by the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Downtown Area Plan Advisory Committee of Berkeley, California, considers a high-rise development plan proposed by city staff.</p>
Feb 26, 2007   The Berkeley Daily Planet
<p>Even with widespread demolition of old buildings to make way for modern towers, the city still has more art deco buildings than anywhere else on earth. A new photo book hopes to inspire the city to preserve its rich architectural legacy.</p>
Feb 23, 2007   Time Magazine
It should come as no surprise to anyone who has visited Downtown L.A.'s Skid Row that the city has a serious homelessness problem -- with more people living on the street than any other city in the nation. A recent article in the Economist focused on the recent crackdown by the city's police on the homeless population of skid row. With more and more residents moving into the area, and city officials keen to clean up downtown's streets, police chief William Bratton committed additional police officers to patrol the area to round up criminals (and presumably break up the population of street dwellers). Blog Post
Feb 21, 2007   By Christian Madera
<p>Companies are realizing that they can save money with green office buildings.</p>
Feb 21, 2007   Forbes
<p>In this article from <em>Metropolis Magazine</em>, architect and planner Andrés Duany looks at New Orleans through a new lens to find the city's true character -- and to redefine how the city can restore itself.</p>
Feb 18, 2007   Metropolis Magazine
<p>A historic New Orleans Catholic church lauded for its engineering ingenuity is now at the crossroads of recovery and respect.</p>
Feb 14, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>Plans for a massive glass skywalk over the Grand Canyon, hotels, and a golf course are aimed at revitalizing a small reservation but critics say the development will commercialize a natural and national treasure.</p>
Feb 12, 2007   By Abhijeet Chavan
<p>Dirt is the latest material being used in homes as environmentally conscious homeowners look to live more sustainability.</p>
Feb 11, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Architecture critic Blair Kamin questions a recent list of American's favorite buildings.</p>
Feb 10, 2007   The Chicago Tribune
<p>While many argue over the costs and benefits of requiring LEED-certification, some affordable housing developers have shown that building green doesn't require following the program's recommendations.</p>
Feb 6, 2007