December 11, 2001, 7am PST
An ambitious plan has been proposed to build the world tallest structure.
December 10, 2001, 1pm PST
As the demand for New Urbanist neighborhoods grows, Florida leads the way. Here is an overview of major New Urbanism projects in Florida.
The New York Times
December 10, 2001, 11am PST
Corporate campuses of the 21st century, once traditionally suburban settings, are being transformed.
Urban Land Magazine
December 10, 2001, 10am PST
Reviews of the books "Frank Gehry, Architect", "The Architecture of R.M. Schindler," and "Skyscrapers, the New Millennium."
The Washington Post
December 10, 2001, 9am PST
Witold Rybczynski discusses the future of skyscapers.
The New York Times
December 6, 2001, 5am PST
The BBC features a demolition game allowing you to virtually wreck the most loathed buildings in Britain.
BBC News
December 5, 2001, 11am PST
An airport-related development plan is being proposed for downtown Jamaica, Queens.
Urban Land Magazine
December 3, 2001, 2pm PST
Some love the old-style bungalows. Others aren't impressed and say that "new urbanism" is being used as a sales pitch.
The Los Angeles Times
December 2, 2001, 8am PST
Long Island chapter of the American Institute of Architects presented architecture awards.
The New York Times
December 1, 2001, 6am PST
New Urbanism founders Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk have been awarded the third annual Vincent Scully Prize.
The Washington Post
November 28, 2001, 1pm PST
Mixed-use urban projects present some problems for residents. But designers are taking steps to prevent them.
The Los Angeles Times
November 28, 2001, 10am PST
Quotes by John Podhoretz, columnist for the New York Post, Architecture critic Hugh Pearman Edwin G. Burrows, and history professor at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.
The Washington Post
November 27, 2001, 10am PST
Reviews of four books on architecture and historic preservation including "Why Architecture Matters: Lessons From Chicago" and "Preserving the World's Great Cities: The Destruction and Renewal of the Historic Metropolis."
The Washington Post
November 27, 2001, 5am PST
It's called Village Streets, and the community is located in Northern CA. Some are in awe. Others say it's awful.
The Los Angeles Times
November 26, 2001, 12pm PST
Two planned monuments to honor Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale, Arizona are causing debate.
The Arizona Republic
November 25, 2001, 6am PST
The Boston Globe interviews author and urban historian Robert M. Fogelson about the unique history of the American downtown.
The Boston Globe
November 24, 2001, 8am PST
New Urbanism is coming of age.
The Orlando Sentinel
November 21, 2001, 2pm PST
Built fifty years ago in Fairfax County, VA, Holmes Run Acres were designed to appeal to both architects and the general public and were considered to be the future of home architecture. What happened?
The Washington Post
November 21, 2001, 8am PST
A hodge podge of security installations and congestion from street closures, are damaging the local economic and moral health of the nation's capitol.
The Washington Post
November 21, 2001, 6am PST
New York is determined to rebuild downtown -- and one proposal now stands out.
Wall St. Journal