Michael Demkowicz says that steel, aluminum, and concrete are among materials we understand least, but all have big possibilities for engineers.
5 days ago   MIT Spectrum
<p>A Colorado home-builder reflects on his attempt to go green.</p>
Oct 15, 2006   Grist
<p>A 203-foot pyramid, designed by British architect Lord Foster, is only one example of over-the-top urban design in Kazakhstan's remote capital city.</p>
Oct 15, 2006   The New York Times
<p>Doug Farr, widely known as a leader in the United States green building movement, is shifting his focus from single buildings to entire neighborhoods.</p>
Oct 14, 2006   Grist Magazine
<p>Architecture critic Blair Kamin bemoans the misplaced opulence of the many mansions that have popped up in classic Chicago neighborhoods over the last couple of years.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   The Chicago Tribune
<p>The last, and only time I.M. Pei worked in his native China was in 1982 when he designed a Beijing luxury hotel. Disappointed in that work, Pei jumped at the chance to return to China once again to design the Suzhou Museum.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   The New York Times
<p>At a Phoenix hospital, thoughtful building design creates a healing environment for patients.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   Newsweek
Science and technology gurus convened at Wired Magazine's NextFest forum in New York to share startling visions of life -- or not -- in the 22nd century.
Oct 7, 2006   LiveScience
A model home here that gives Katrina's displaced an alternative to trailer living is starting to take the country by storm.
Oct 6, 2006   The Christian Science Monitor
A community activist tracked the location of teardowns in her suburban neighborhood, bringing attention to the problem and eventually leading to a change in zoning to help prevent further demolitions.
Oct 5, 2006   The New York Times
Post 9/11, America is entering a bold new era of skyscraper construction.
Sep 29, 2006   The San Francisco Chronicle