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That's the question some members of Santa Barbara's Architectural Board of Review are asking the coffee and donut chain as they pursue their invasion of the Golden State. Dunkin' Donuts is eyeing a Taco Bell site in the city.
10 hours ago   Noozhawk
This post is a few weeks after the fact but the recent APA conference only solidified my resolution to say something.  In early April Teddy Cruz gave a lecture here in Philly at Blog Post
Apr 20, 2007   By Scott Page
In my hometown—and yours, too, I'm sure—a small, one-story house was for sale, and then it was gone. The guy who bought it promptly tore it down and then, because the new house he had designed was too big for the site, let the hole sit there for a year, a broken tooth in the 1950s neighborhood. Of course, the house he built was still too big for the lot, but there it stands, three feet from his seething neighbors: a McMansion. Blog Post
Apr 17, 2007   By Margaret Foster
<p>The controversial practice of demolishing all but the exterior of a historic building doesn't serve to preserve that past or encourage new architecture, argues architecture critic Blair Kamin.</p>
Apr 16, 2007   The Chicago Tribune
<p>Believed to be a first for Fort Lauderdale (and possibly citizens elsewhere) residents opposed to a 15-story, 387 foot long boat storage facility in the City have created a website and video on YouTube asking City Commissioners to stop the project.</p>
Apr 14, 2007   Fort Lauderdale Observer
<p>With space at a premium on the National Mall, designers are rethinking the design of the capital's symbolic core.</p>
Apr 13, 2007   AP via Bradenton Herald
<p>As the U.S. Green Building Council responds to critics and prepares its green rating system for massive changes, some say we must ask what more should be done to improve the process.</p>
Apr 10, 2007   The Next American City
<p>With visions of a reforested America in which food is grown locally year round, vertical farms aim to address many of the problems facing mankind, including global warming, runoff, desertification, water pollution, and rapid urbanization.</p>
Apr 10, 2007   New York Magazine
People often ask me if a building has to be old or look historic to create a sense of place. I always answer with a definite "No!" While it may be easier to find older buildings where public activity flourishes, their success is not due to age or a particular architectural style. Blog Post
Apr 9, 2007   By
In honor of Landscape Architecture Month, we present three profiles of professional landscape architects Dennis Carmichael, FASLA, Melissa Marie Evans, ASLA, and Steve Martino, FASLA. Exclusive
Apr 9, 2007  By Nate Berg
The corner café on North Second Street in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia aspires to Euro-style café culture though it lines a little-trafficked street of row houses showing every year of their century and a half of existence, and faces a vast empty, chain-linked block where a Blog Post
Apr 7, 2007   By James S. Russell