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Erling Fossen is a dedicated Oslopolitan aiming to make every square meter of the city a 24/7 street party. He blogs as Urban Doctor—
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Born in Oslo in the year 1963. Recently finished my master thesis in Urban Geography at University of Oslo. Have written several books on political philosophy and cities. Amongst them EcstaCity (Pax 1996), Marx in Cyberspace (Tiden 1997), and Anti-Nature (Pax 2000). Topics of interest are typically segregation, gentrification, place making, density done right, walkable cities, city branding, shared economy and its influence on urban development, co-working space, etc. Have been a digital nomad in my adult life, and now currently residing as CEO of Oslo Metropolitan Area—a non-profit organization owned by the biggest developers in Norway. Also one of the owners and Head of Program Committee at Oslo Urban Arena (, an arena dedicated to identity urban solutions. A passionate blogger at Urban Doctor—

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January 10, 2017, 9am PST
The quickly growing number of third spaces is good news for both the social and the urban fabrics.
Erling Fossen
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December 6, 2015, 1pm PST
The line between being pro-pedestrian versus being anti-car can be hard to distinguish, at times. A new experiment to ban cars from the inner city of Oslo, Norway, however, could reveal more about the distinction.
Erling Fossen