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Edward Poteat is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and author of the Fiscal Cliff, chronicling the plight facing many older American Cities. Edward has also developed affordable housing in the Metro New York market for nearly two decades.
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Edward Poteat is an affordable housing developer working in the tri-state New York area (New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York). He has raised more than $150,000,000 in capital and has built or renovated more than 1,000 apartments. His firm, Carthage Advisors, has expertise in devising complex and sustainable financial structures for successful affordable housing developments. Edward is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University and teaches graduate students the intricacies of affordable housing development. In his two trips across country, Edward visited dozens of cities and other municipalities. While some cities were vibrant and growing, he observed that other cities were decaying and nearly abandoned. Edward also grew up in a declining city called New York in the 1980’s. Although, New York City today is growing and vibrant; New York in the 1980’s was recovering from a near bankruptcy filing, high crime, and poor delivery of municipal services. He observed first hand the impact a declining city can have on its citizens. In response to these observations, Edward recently published his first book, The Fiscal Cliff. The Fiscal Cliff describes the fiscal crisis facing older American cities. Edward received his undergraduate degree at Yale University and received his Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College. He has given numerous lectures on community development and affordable housing. He has held various board memberships for organizations including: Citizens Housing and Planning Council, Urban Pathways, and the New York City Housing Partnership.

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