Pandemic Board Game

Friday Fun: CityLab Picks the Best Games of 2020

In the year of stay-at-home orders, people turned to old and new games to stay sane and stay connected.

January 1, 2021 - Bloomberg CityLab

Cities: Skylines

Top Urban City Building Games in 2019

A middle schooler reviews the top three city building games on the market in 2019.

May 19, 2019 - Grant Reviews Blog

Fortnite Screensgrab

What Do Cities in Fortnite Look Like?

Fornite is one of the fastest growing multiplayer games in the history of games, with over 125 million players in one year. A teenager Fortnite player publishes a collection of images from the major cities in the game.

March 29, 2019 - Grant Reviews Blog

How Gaming Can Revolutionize Planning

The new game Block’Hood seeks to illustrate and educate about the connection between sustainability and social and economic needs in city and neighborhood building.

March 21, 2016 - Dezeen

Video game door

What If Gordon Freeman Was a Civil Engineer?

The video game INFRA trades your typical Russian ultra-nationalists and Nazi zombies for a city on the verge of ruin. The protagonist, an engineer, is tasked with the seemingly mundane tasks that will bring the place back to life.

February 3, 2016 - CityLab

Atlanta Suburb Pitches Gaming Resort for Economic Development

An Atlanta suburb is moving forward with a plan to create a gaming report, unprecedented in the state, to invigorate a languishing part of town.

February 3, 2015 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

SimCity 2013

Gaming for Planners—More than SimCity

At the Serious Gaming workshop held in South Africa, game-maker Tygron showcased their game "The Climategame" and examined game play for lessons in how planners might improve their professional practice.

July 25, 2014 - Future Cape Town

Sustainability's Latest Tool: Gamification

Already popular in several sectors, 'gamification' is increasingly being used to educate and engage the public around sustainability issues. Can "using fun and games for serious purposes" bring about environmental improvements?

March 11, 2013 - The Guardian

Rolling the Dice on Atlantic City's Future

Caren Chesler reports on Atlantic City's efforts to reinvent itself as a seaside resort, as recently unveiled in a master plan developed by Jones Lang LaSalle with the Jerde Partnership.

March 7, 2012 - Next American City

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