Casper Aquifer Protection Plan (CAPP) Update

City of Laramie, Wyoming and Albany County Wyoming
Thursday September 30, 2021
Location: Laramie, WY

The City of Laramie and Albany County are seeking qualified individuals, firms or teams of professionals, licensed in the State of Wyoming, for an update of the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan.   The project will be contracted by the City of Laramie and is being funded jointly by the City of Laramie and County of Albany, Wyoming.



The City of Laramie, Wyoming, is a municipality of approximately 32,000 residents, and is located 45 miles west of Capital Cheyenne, WY along the I-80 corridor at an elevation of 7,220 feet. Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming, Laramie County Community College (Albany County Campus) and the Wyoming Technical Institute.

Currently, the City receives municipal water from two main sources; the Laramie River and the Casper Aquifer.  60% of municipal water comes from the Casper Aquifer up to 100% in times of drought. The City’s established Casper Aquifer Overlay Protection Zone encompasses approximately 72 square miles. Approximately 95% of the Casper Aquifer Overlay Protection Zone is located east of the City outside the city limits within Albany County.

Unincorporated Albany County has an estimated population of 6,880 people. The City of Laramie and the Town of Rock River are the only incorporated towns/cities in the County.  Around 450 rural residences outside municipal boundaries depend solely upon water from the Casper Aquifer for domestic purposes.

In 1997, the City of Laramie and Albany County formed the Environmental Advisory Committee to develop an aquifer protection program consistent with the Laramie Regional Drinking Water Protection Program. The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) developed the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan, which was adopted by the City and County in 2002.  At about the same time the City also established the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone, which is codified as Chapter 17.82 of the Laramie Municipal Code. Albany County adopted similar regulations for an Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone in 2003.

In 2007 the City enlisted Wittman Hydro Planning Associates to update the City plan and ordinance, and both were finalized and adopted on June 3, 2008.  Key stakeholders in the process included the City, County, private landowners and the EAC.  Albany County was originally partnered with the City, but ultimately moved to their own plan due to some key differences, with the County adopting their plan and ordinances in 2011.


The objectives of this project are to consolidate the City and County CAPPs, and update the existing documents to include information that has been learned since 2008 and 2011.  The CAPP is intended to be approved under the Wyoming State Statute provisions for a Comprehensive Plan with any updated protective regulations to be codified under City ordinance and County regulations. It is anticipated that scientific document peer review will be a significant component to updating the CAPP.  Upon updating and consolidating the aquifer protection plan, the consultant shall provide policy recommendations and any textual changes/modifications/updates to ordinance, regulations and protective measures deemed prudent to preserve the aquifer. Approval of the updated CAPP by WYDEQ is desired.    


Upon selection of the firm for this project. City and the selected firm will negotiate a detailed scope of work to be attached to the sample professional services agreement. 

The Scope of Work will, at a minimum, include the following elements:

  • Frequent communication and stakeholder meetings that may include City Council, Board of Commissioners, City and County staff, EAC, City Planning Commission, County Planning and Zoning Commission, State and Federal Environmental Regulatory Agencies, private landowners and the general public. 
  • A thorough review of the current City and County CAPPs to understand similarities and differences between the two documents, provide an initial report for stakeholders outlining what needs to be addressed (western aquifer protection boundary location, Site Specific Investigations, etc.) to blend the two plans together.
  • Develop City (zoning, etc.) and County (septic systems, lot sizes, etc.) specific sections within the shared document.
  • Provide policy recommendations and any textual changes/modifications/updates to ordinance, regulations and protective measures deemed prudent to preserve the aquifer.
  • Review all pertinent documents, studies and data that have been gained since the City CAPP was adopted in 2008 (see Appendix) for incorporation, as appropriate, in an updated consolidated aquifer protection plan.
  • Complete the updating and consolidation of the aquifer protection plan, retaining all relevant sections of the current plans and including an executive summary and recommendations for future efforts and studies. 
  • Present the consolidated aquifer protection plan to City Planning Commission and the County Planning and Zoning.
  • Present and facilitate consideration of the consolidated aquifer protection plan and recommended policies to the City Council and the Board of Commissioners as required by Wyoming State Statute as an element of a Comprehensive Plan adoptable by the governing bodies.
  • Prepare textual amendments and/or requirements to the current Laramie Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone, Chapter 17.82 of the Laramie Municipal Code, as may be recommended.  Prepare textual amendments and/or regulatory requirements to current Albany County regulations, including those for zoning, subdivisions, and waste water. City and County requirements and regulations should be complementary and not in conflict.


                City Aquifer Protect Plan

                City of Laramie Comprehensive Plan

                City Zoning Map

                Unified Development Code




For the Full RFQ please use the Contact Information below:



Prospective firms may make inquiries to the contacts below.  The consultant should understand that oral comments may be subject to misinterpretation and are in no way binding on the individual, the City or County.  If questions arise concerning any aspect of this proposal, the consultant should request clarification via email addresses listed below.  A copy of this requested clarification, as well as the written response, shall be provided to all firms submitting requests for qualifications on this project. 

                                Project Co-Managers:

                                Darren Parkin, City Natural Resources Manager

                                City of Laramie

                                405 E. Grand Avenue                                                    P. O. Box C

                                Laramie, WY  82070                                                      Laramie, WY  82073

                                (physical address)                                                          (postal address)

                                Telephone: (307)721-5213;  Email:  [email protected]

                                David Gertsch, County Planning Director

                                Albany County

                                1002 S 3rd Street                                                             1002 S 3rd Street

                                Laramie, WY  82070                                                      Laramie, WY  82070

                                (physical address)                                                          (postal address)

                                Telephone: (307)721-2568;  Email:  [email protected]

Posted August 25, 2021

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