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Two Paths to Instant Answers Using Data



It’s no secret that working with data takes a lot of time and can often be overwhelming. Knowing where to find data and what to do once you get it isn’t exactly intuitive. But, what if it could be? What if it were more simple than you ever thought possible? And what if you could solve problems using data, in just a few clicks?

mySidewalk is helping city planners get answers using data—really, really fast.

Introducing two new paths that are simplifying data. 


Route #1: Location Snapshot

A Location Snapshot provides instant access to a list of relevant data for any community.

  • Select what’s important to you for a place of interest and gather insight in just one click. 
  • Compare your community to near or like places by simply selecting the “Add a Geography” option. 
  • Easily export all of the insights you want to share, including the charts and graphs that accompany each Snapshot. 

    Request a complimentary Location Snapshot for your community here. 

Route #2: Templates

mySidewalk’s Templates are designed to help people answer specific questions faster. Each Template contains a combination of datasets that, when applied to your city or project boundary, can provide deep insight, help answer everyday community questions, and cut out the legwork of data analysis. The 100+ Templates mySidewalk has created are research-based and rooted in questions that city planners face regularly. 

Instantly answer questions like:

  • Where should we build more affordable housing?

  • What’s the median household income of this community?

  • What’s the demographic makeup of the residents living near our parks?

  • How are residents commuting to work?

  • Are members of our community struggling with access to healthy food options? If so, how many?

    Find answers to these questions and more here.

To see how hundreds of organizations are finding thousands of answers using mySidewalk, fill out this form and try it for free.

Headed to any regional American Planning Association events? We'll be at the following and would love to connect with you in person. Just email [email protected] or stop by our booth (look for the free Starbucks cards and #DataChamp signs). 

  • APA–Missouri: October 5–7 | Springfield, MO

  • APA–OKI (Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky): October 5–7 | Indianapolis, IN

  • APA–California: October 22–25 | Pasadena, CA

  • APA–Texas: November 2–4 | San Antonio, TX

Published on:
October 3, 2016 - 3:20pm
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