Planners Cartoon Book

Zucker Systems

Planning is Funny, 295 pages, 1550 captions organized by 80 topics, one for every occasion.  

A must-have book for every planner and planning department. Includes:

  • 295 pages
  • 1550 alternative captions
  • 38 cartoon drawings  by national cartoonist Dean Vietor (creator of many New Yorker cartoons) with instructions for you to design your own captions
  • Personal stories from 14 creative planners
  • Captions from 269 creative and silly planners
  • 80 topics, one for every occasion

Note: purchase authorizes you to use the cartoons for office newsletters, speeches, powerpoint presentation and personal use.

Available in digital and hard copy at Zucker

Published on:
August 19, 2014 - 9:38am
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