First Ever “AirSage™ Annual Transportation Industry Survey” eBook Reveals Transpo Planners' Perceptions on Urban Planning, Housing Development & More


 An Industry on the Move" 2013 At AirSage™, we wanted to know how transportation professionals view housing development (what will happen vs. what should happen), government policies, "green" infrastructure, social media, new vs. tried-and-true technology solutions. But we couldn't find evidence of anyone else performing a comprehensive survey like this, so we thought, “Why not us?” The result: the first ever "AirSage™ Annual Transportation Industry Survey” eBook.

Other findings featured in the eBook include:
What motivates transpo planners to head in to work?= The future of housing, infrastructure, transportation planning, urban/suburban sprawl
= Perspectives on government entities vs. private corporations 
= Views on technology and how innovative the industry is 
= Insights into how transportation planners view budget challenges and bureaucracy 

Download the complimentary report here.

Published on:
September 8, 2013 - 9:00pm
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