Duany on Charrettes: Notes from the Field

Duany on Charrettes: Notes from the Field

National Charrette Institute

Andrés Duany has been leading charrettes since the mid-80s and he's been taking notes along the way. These notes are now available for the first time through NCI. This little 10 page booklet is packed with a wealth of philosophical observations as well as practical strategies and tactics from one of the founders of the New Urbanism. Andrés' unmistakably direct style is in top form as he addresses dealing with opposition, public meeting tactics, tight budgets, public participation and charrette management.

"Don’t let misinformation or falsehoods stand for even five seconds. The charrette leaders should always correct inaccuracies and misstatements immediately. Interrupt the speaker and set it straight. The murk created by misstatements can destroy a charrette. Do not be afraid to be ruthless in your corrections." - Andrés Duany

Duany on Charrettes is a collection of notes by Andrés Duany spanning 10 years, plus transcriptions of his comments from the Congress for the New Urbanism in Madison, Wisconsin in 2011. The National Charrette Institute is grateful to Mr. Duany for permission to publish his unique perspective on charrettes. Edited by David Brain, PhD.

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Posted November 28, 2012

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