New Ruin and Renewal Issue: Preservation in Cincinnati, Wind Energy in Kansas, Hawaiian Paradise Park, and More A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

The editors of A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments are pleased to announce the launch of Issue No. 30, "Ruin and Renewal," which features a compelling mix of literary, technical, and artistic contributions at


Guest Editorial by Karen Monzel Hughes, Associate Professor of Design, University of Cincinnati: Rebuilding and Preserving: Two Aspects of Preservation, with Image Gallery

Elizabeth Dodd's Almanac: Long Count in the Present Time
Kathryn Miles' Field Notes: Someone's Lunch
Lauret Savoy's A Stone's Throw: Desire's Past


Author and conservationist Nancy Lord, Interviewed by Holly J. Hughes: Finding Beauty in a Troubled World

To Know a Place

Narrative and Photographs by Britten Traughber: Hawaiian Paradise Park: A Work in Progress


Cloud County Revival: Wind Power's Ascent in Rural Kansas, by Philip Warburg

No Longer the Miner's Canary: Indigenous Nations' Responses to Climate Change, by Zoltán Grossman

ARTerrain Gallery

The Digital Frontier ~ Scott Bailey
Showcasing painting and digital media from Meshscapes (2012), Earthly Constellations (2009), and Infrared (2007)


The Lazar House of Nancy, by Cal Freeman, with Audio

Time and Chance on a High Desert River, by Hal Crimmel

At the Mall, by John R. Campbell


Mosquitoes, by Spencer Hayes, with Audio

Earthquake Weather, by Jen McConnell

Hernando and the Ever Widening Waste, by Michael McGuire


Rob Carney, Two Poems with Audio
Zayne Turner, Two Poems with Audio
Eleanor Goodman, Three Poems with Audio
James Armstrong, Two Poems with Audio
Lois Marie Harrod, Four Poems with Audio
John Estes, Two Poems
Allen Braden, Three Poems with Audio
Jennifer Atkinson, Two Poems
Scot Siegel, Three Poems with Audio
Douglas Haynes, Four Poems with Audio
Rachel Dilworth, Two Poems with Audio
Tim Kahl, One Poem with Audio
Benjamin Goldberg, Two Poems with Audio
L.J. Sysko, Two Poems with Audio
Paul Hostovsky, Three Poems with Audio
Jennifer Tappenden, Two Poems with Audio


Detroit's Grand Past: Glenn Moomau reviews The Ruins of Detroit, by Yves Marchand and Romaine Meffre

The Renewal of Dirt: Derek Sheffield reviews Nine Acres, by Nathaniel Perry

Pinpoints of Light: Andrew C. Gottlieb reviews Thousands Flee California Wildflowers, by Scot Siegel

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Published on:

October 30, 2012
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