Metropolitan Solutions Conference, Hannover, San José, Shanghai and live streamed, Nov 6th & 7th

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About the Conference:

Urbanization is a sweeping global phenomenon which, in many parts of the world, is associated with population growth, economic transformation and social change. The majority of the world's population already lives in large cities - tendency (sharply) rising.

Many major cities are having difficulty coping with the rapid influx of new citizens. Keeping pace with the exigencies of burgeoning populations is particularly challenging due to a widespread lack of adequately reliable and efficient urban infrastructure. The key to future-proofing urban development is steadfast renewal and accelerated expansion. This calls for new, sustainable approaches to all the fundamental aspects of urban living such as housing, utilities, mobility, telecommunications and the environment. Appropriate solutions are essential to making today's metropolitan environments more modern, resource-efficient, environmentally-friendly, secure and livable habitats.

The speedy modernization of infrastructure is only possible by adopting new approaches and increasingly complex technologies. Once implemented, such technology stands to make tomorrow's municipalities much faster, more flexible and efficient, but also more complicated, sensitive, and potentially vulnerable.

Those in charge of revamping urban infrastructure thus also need to implement fail-proof safeguards to ensure that everything is properly monitored, managed and secured - not only for the good of citizens in general but also because no major city can afford calamities such as traffic chaos, power blackouts and insecure or unreliable telecommunications or data systems. But appropriate technology is only part of the equation, the other being fresh approaches to urban planning, city management and governance.

The Metropolitan Solutions Conference will illuminate its keynote topic - the safety and reliability of urban infrastructures - from every conceivable angle, covering all the challenges at hand and the most promising technologies and plans of action.

The conference will be held as a staggered event at three different locations, taking the dialog from Hannover, Germany to San Jose, USA to Shanghai, China and back to Germany over the course of November 6 and 7, 2012. The conclusions reached at each venue will be passed along to the next. The conference can be followed live - on location or via the Web.

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October 22, 2012
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