New collaboration enhances nonprofit education and management: National organization keeps headquarters in Cleveland

Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University

This new collaboration will support the continued building and definition of the field of nonprofit management, philanthropy, third sector studies and social entrepreneurship/enterprise, and support the continued institutionalization of these programs in the academy.

NACC is a national membership association comprised of academic centers or programs at accredited colleges and universities that focus on the study of nonprofit organizations, voluntarism and/or philanthropy. Established in 1991, NACC is the first group entirely dedicated to the promotion and networking of centers that provide research and education in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

The Levin College's Center for Nonprofit Policy & Practice arose from the College's involvement with community and neighborhood organizations in Cleveland dating back to the 1970s. The center was founded to support and foster the health of the nonprofit sector in our region through training and technical assistance that support the role of nonprofits in civil society, scholarly and applied research; and undergraduate and graduate education in the leadership and management of nonprofit organizations. In the 2013 edition of "America's Best Grad Schools" by U.S. News and World Report, the Levin College's graduate specialization in Nonprofit Management was ranked 12th in the nation; it is the only ranked program in Ohio.

"Cleveland has been at the forefront of nonprofit education nationally since the 1980s," according to Stuart C. Mendel, Ph.D., MNO, Assistant Dean of the Levin College, Director of the College's Urban Center, and Co-Director of the College's Center for Nonprofit Policy & Practice.

"The concentration of knowledge at the city's institutions of higher education, foundations, and service organizations has proven a rich incubator," he added. "Research reflects that Cleveland is one of seven leading regions in the United States that prolifically produce viable, theoretical and applied research, education and service in the field of nonprofit leadership education."

Until recently, Cleveland has been the location of two nonprofit academic research centers and, since 2005, the home of two NACC member institutions. "NACC was housed until recently at Case Western Reserve University," explains Sean Shacklett, executive director.

"Due to changes in the university's programming, it made sense to move NACC's headquarters to another academic institution with a focus on nonprofit management education. We are pleased to be able to keep our headquarters in Cleveland at the Levin College of Urban Affairs," Shacklett said.

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October 16, 2012
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